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See the awesome contracts and applications that people are building with CashScript!


AnyHedge is the first DeFi project built on top of Bitcoin Cash in the form of a synthetic derivatives platform. AnyHedge allows any two parties to enter into a smart contract together and speculate on the future price of an asset. One of the parties wishes to protect themselves against price fluctuations and takes the hedge position, while the other party wishes to speculate and takes a leveraged long position.


Tapswap is the first non-custodial marketplace to trade CashTokens, both fungible token & NFTs, on Bitcoin Cash. Tapswap uses CashScript for its non-custodial token-sale offer contracts. It uses web3 wallet connect feature to allow users to list tokens for sale right from their own wallet.

Bitcats Heroes

Bitcats Heroes is the first collectibele NFT series on Bitcoin Cash. The project uses CashScript for its non-custodial minting contract. This way the NFT minting guarantees fair access and a transparent NFT launch. The minting page uses a web3 wallet connect feature to allow minting directly from the user's smart contract wallet.

Unspent Phi

Unspent Phi allows users to convert Bitcoin Cash they have today into a series of periodic payments over a long period of time. It's a set of simple contracts that rely on rolling timelocks and introspection rather than signatures; meaning as long as the correct recipients are paid, anyone may build and submit transactions.