Command Line Interface

The cashc command line interface is used to compile CashScript .cash files into .json artifact files. These artifacts can be imported and used by the JavaScript SDK or other libraries / applications that use CashScript. For more information on this artifact format refer to Artifacts.


You can use npm to install the cashc command line tool globally.

npm install -g cashc


The cashc CLI tool can be used to compile .cash files to JSON artifact files.

Usage: cashc [options] [source_file]
--output, -o Specify a file to output the generated artifact. [string]
--hex, -h Compile the contract to hex format rather than a full artifact
--asm, -A Compile the contract to ASM format rather than a full artifact
--opcount, -c Display the number of opcodes in the compiled bytecode[boolean]
--size, -s Display the size in bytes of the compiled bytecode [boolean]
--args, -a List of constructor arguments to pass into the contract. Can
only be used in combination with either the --hex or --asm
flags. When compiling to a JSON artifact, contract
instantiation should be done through the CashScript SDK. Note
that NO type checking is performed by the cashc CLI, so it is
safer to use the CashScript SDK. [array]
--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]